Wanted business partner

For artists

The mygreek.fm Greek music community gives opportunity to all Greek artists to start their own free of charge personal project that will offer them the following:

  1. "VIP" sign indicating your active presence on mygreek.fm website. When users will notice the sign, they’ll know that you’re managing the artist profile and will behave accordingly. 
  2. Direct communication opportunity with fans and friends. 
  3. Upload photos, videos, albums, collections, songs and add personal information, blogs, and events to the artist’s profile without any preview.  
  4. The opportunity of tracking users who have agreed to come to the artist’s event. Find out how many people will attend the event and who are they.
  5. Opportunity to watch the statistics of artist’s music listening. Find out how many people have listened to the songs, when they did it and who those people are.
  6. "Donations" and sales of music creations directly via artist’s profile. Up to date statistics of downloads and sales via the specifically designed control system.

Attention: If you register as an artist or band that is already included in our database, we will kindly ask you to verify your correlation to that particular artist or band. This can be achieved by sending us a copy of your ID or passport or by sending an e-mail through the official e-mail address of an artist or a band. We follow this strategy in order to avoid malicious acts and to strengthen our data protection.